13 Car Gifts You Won’t Want to Miss


There are a number of gifts for the car enthusiast that are too neat to not consider. The following are personal favorites, or just too cool of an idea not to include!

  1. Oil changer pump
    These little pumps will pump out the engine oil so you do not have to crawl under the car to pull the drain plug. Since many newer cars have the oil filter near the top of the engine, oil changes become easy. Just in case you are thinking that not all oil will be removed, you are correct. But the amount left is very small and if Mercedes dealers use these pumps, they are good enough for me. A couple of names are: Mityvac and Motive Power Exractors. These are not expensive. Most are in the 50 to 120 dollar range. Think of the savings on laundry alone!
  2. Gloves
    Good automotive mechanic’s gloves are a great gift. They not only keep hands clean but also save knuckles from bruising and blood on the tools. Mechanix makes nice ones These run around 15 to 30 dollars.
  3. Hoists
    If your budget is higher a car hoist may be an idea. These have become more reasonable and are available for $2000 and up. If you are still reading then you must be in love. Torin, Extreme Equipment and BendPak are selling them, among others.
  4. Magazines
    Subscriptions to magazines like Hemmings, Road&Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend and numerous others make great gifts. Prices vary but, $20 to $35 should buy a year’s subscription. RoadTrack
  5. Car polishes and cleaners
    The list here is endless. Care for the interior and exterior is almost always needed. Many manufacturers will package Christmas bundles of products at reduced prices. A good idea to buy and put away for later gifting! Prices:$5 to $50.
  6. Garage organizers
    These can take the form of tool boxes, wall units, pegboard, shelves or racks. There are some very neat products out there and many come on sale. As an example clear plastic shoe boxes came up at a local store for a buck a piece. These are GREAT for storing nuts and bolts as well as small tools. They came with lids and so keep rust at bay in my garage.
  7. Models
    Many car nuts would like to a model of the car they drive or the one they would love to drive. Check hobby stores and online. They run from $10 to hundreds of dollars.
  8. Fantasy drives
    There are a number of offerings that allow a driver to sample driving dream cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette, Mercedes, Porsche, Viper and so on. Check a current copy of one of the car magazines for available offers. Prices vary vastly. Figure $500 and up.
  9. Racing schools
    There are a number of racing schools that offer courses ranging form half day to week(s) in duration. Again prices vary vastly. Check online for a school close to you.
  10. GPS
    For those who get lost and will not ask directions this is a great gift. Nice ones from Garmin that talk to you are now down as low as $150.
  11. G Meters
    These little devices measure car performance. Acceleration, cornering and braking are given on the digital readout. These can be found online and at auto parts stores. A neat one is an application that you can download for your iPod or iPhone for about $15 instead of buying a stand alone unit for about a hundred or more.
  12. Books, Posters and Videos
    Always a safe bet for car people. So many places to find these that no further explanation is needed.
  13. Radar/Laser Detectors and Jammers
    If a lead foot and tickets are a problem then these will be on a wish list.  Beltronics and Escort are arguably the top two brands.

Happy shopping!